International marine science organization releases report on radiation in Pacific Ocean

If you've heard about Fukushima radiation spreading to the Pacific Coast of North America but were "corrected" by sources both official and expert that this was based more on rumor than reality, then consider the information presented at the October 2013

January 20, 2014

2012 ranked as the ninth-warmest year since 1880 and continued long-term trend of rising global temperatures

According to NASA's annual analysis of surface temperatures across the globe, 2012 was the ninth warmest year since 1880 and it continued a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. With the exception of 1998, the nine warmest years in the 132-year record have

January 15, 2013

2012 In Review - Volcanoes

As far as the volcanic activity goes 2012 had lots of interesting moments and Pacific Ring of Fire was focus of almost all of it. 2011 finished with our eyes on the Cleveland volcano, Alaska. Cleveland sent ash 4.5 km in the sky during a single explosion event on

January 01, 2013

2012 In Review - Solar activity & space weather

We are now in a period called Solar Cycle 24 which started on January 8, 2008 and it is the 24th solar cycle since 1755, when recording of solar sunspot activity began. The solar cycle is the periodic change in Sun's activity

December 31, 2012

The Year in Space - NASA and ESA released 2012 in space retrospective videos

NASA and ESA have released videos looking back at the year 2012 in space. It was quite a year in terms of space exploration - Curiosity on Mars, the Flight of the Dragon, Venus Transit, ATV’s trips to the ISS, the flight of Vega, and much more...NASA

December 19, 2012

December 21, 2012 - "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday"

We are now less than a week apart from December 21, 2012, the most notable date in modern history. NASA is so sure the world won't come to an end on December. 21, 2012, that they already released a video for the day after.According to  Dr. John Carlson, director of

December 16, 2012

New meteor shower escorts Geminids this year

A new meteor shower could make an appearance in the same time as Earth passes through a stream of debris from Comet 3200 Phaethon, also known as Geminids. The source of new meteor shower is Comet Wirtanen which is expected to peak tonight and tomorrow with as many as

December 12, 2012

Spirit Science for Consideration "The Shift of Ages and what might happen in 2012?!"

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is "What do you think will happen with 2012?". We thought the best way to shed light on the situation was simply to make a video about it! So without further ado, here is our 2012 video! The Spirit

December 03, 2012

The real Mayan prophecies investigated - The Chilam Balam books

Though there is only the one known engraving of a prediction connected to the end of the 13th Bak'tun (monument 6 Tortuguero) it is often stated, wrongly, that there is only this one place for any possible year 2012 prophecy. There is in fact more prophetic material

October 20, 2012

The real Mayan prophecies investigated - Monument 6 Tortuguero

Much is said of the Long Count Maya calendar and associated prophecy for the end of the year 2012. Unfortunately, it is rather less common to actually see the original prophetic material, and even less so to have any kind of analysis of its likely meanings for human

October 18, 2012

Last minute of June 30, 2012 will last 61 seconds

The world will get a well deserved long weekend, but don't do big plans for the holidays because it last only one second longer. Additional second will be added to the world's atomic clocks to keep pace with the Earth's slowing spin on its axis.On Saturday,

June 30, 2012

Apocalypse on December 21, 2012? Not likely according to reason and new archeological findings in Guatemala

Reasonable ones among us kept saying for years that Mayans never said anything about the end of the world and apocalypse on December 21, 2012. But mainstream media kept pushing the story and keeping the global population in fear that something terrible is going to

May 12, 2012

Focus on the Sun - Shifting the Frame of Consciousness of Humanity on the Venus Transit (June 6) and the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) of 2012

After the intense protest movements during the seven first days of the Ninth wave up until October 28, 2011 it seems to me that the movement for positive change in the world has slowed down at least as what we can see on the surface. The acceleration of time, which

March 19, 2012

Felix Baumgartner made test jump from space

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner took a practice jump from space in preparation for his actual record-breaking jump from 36,500 meters (120,000 feet) which is scheduled for this summer (according to Red Bull Stratos, the ‘launch window’ for the big jump

March 17, 2012

Convergence of timelines: Bill Wood - Questions & Answers (Video)

This is a live 3 hour marathon Q & A with Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and Bill Ryan and the audience of some 3,000 viewers ... this version has been edited to begin without delay from technical issues in the beginning.Bill Wood discusses why his INDIGO clearance

January 27, 2012

The ultimate deception

Are you worried about change of police state to military state, new internet laws that are being posed on us and all the conspiracy crap that different news sources report daily? Do you not see it as false flag? A deliberate misdirection of our collective focus? Or a

December 19, 2011

NASA says that the world is not at risk on Dec, 21 2012

Dec. 21, 2012 is maybe the most marked date in calendars carrying the name of "End of Days". Aside from that date marking next year's winter solstice, the longest night of that year, nothing else interesting is expected according to NASA. The phrase "2012

December 12, 2011

Mayan Calendars end - No doomsday today! Rejoice and enjoy as the Dawn of the New age is today

It's not the end of the world - it is 13 AHAU - Completion of all 9 Waves of the Mayan Calendar = Conscious Co-creation and UnityA lot of fuss has been made about the end of Mayan calendar. And media was happy, and media was yelling doomsday, doomsday is near, we are

October 28, 2011

October 21, 2011: End of the world according to Harold Camping: 3rd time!

Well, you already know it! Harold Camping will set another date tomorrow because he will have vision that this date is wrong. Move along! As the Christ himself spoken and as it was written: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in

October 20, 2011

The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes

We have now celebrated the Cosmic Convergence and there is less than one night and one day before the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation (or at least the attainment of the top level). As predicted the Ninth wave of this plan, which is coming to a

October 06, 2011

Missing planet explains solar system's structure

The solar system once had five giant gaseous planets rather than the four it has today. That's the conclusion from a computer simulation of the solar system's evolution, which suggests the fifth giant was hurled into interstellar space some 4 billion years ago, after a

October 04, 2011

Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) appears to be breaking apart

Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1), widely known for inaccurate reports of its threat to Earth, appears to be breaking apart. Observations by amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia show a rapid dimming and elongation of the comet's nucleus akin to

August 30, 2011

Comets Honda and Elenin fulfill Mayan, Hopi and Christian Prophecies as the Mayan calendar approaches its end on October 28, 2011

Many people have now heard about the upcoming entry to the inner solar system of the comet Elenin (http://elenin.org) and there is a whole range of ideas and speculations about what this might entail. Comets have always been seen as harbingers of auspicious or (more

July 23, 2011

The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into the chaos from which the new world will be born

On March 9th, 2011 the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar system was activated. This was the beginning the final countdown to the date of completion of the Mayan calendar: October 28, 2011. This new wave, made up of thirteen uaxaclahunkin periods of 18

April 28, 2011

Ian Lungold - Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled (full)

This 5 and a half hour long video will clear all your missunderstanding of Mayan Calendar and resolve all false predictions of 2012 doomsday. Don't believe the hype you read in your newspapers and watch on your TV - take this 5 hours tour and learn everything you

February 11, 2011