Earth changes

Satellites measure increase of Sun’s energy absorbed in the Arctic

NASA satellite instruments have observed a marked increase in solar radiation absorbed in the Arctic since the year 2000 – a trend that aligns with the steady decrease in Arctic sea ice during the same period.While sea ice is mostly white and reflects the sun&rsqu

December 17, 2014

Kilauea lava flow about 5 days from Pahoa Marketplace, Hawaii

In their latest Kilauea status update issued 08:06 UTC today, HVO said that the June 27th flow remains active, with a new lobe advancing an average of 285 m/day (310 yd/day) between December 9 and 16.The leading edge is about 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from the Pahoa Marketplace,

December 17, 2014

NOAA and BGS update World Magnetic Model (WMM)

NOAA officials announced yesterday the World Magnetic Model (WMM), a representation of Earth’s large-scale magnetic field and an indispensable complement to GPS devices used by NATO, the United States and United Kingdom militaries, as well as civil applications ra

December 16, 2014

Scientists observe the Earth grow a new layer under an Icelandic volcano

New research into an Icelandic eruption has shed light on how the Earth's crust forms, according to a paper published today in Nature. When the Bárðarbunga volcano, which is buried beneath Iceland's Vatnajökull ice cap, reawakened in August

December 15, 2014

Strong eruption and major pyroclastic flow observed at Sinabung volcano, Indonesia

Darwin VAAC reported a high level eruption of Indonesian Sinabung volcano on December 14, 2014. Aviation Color Code was briefly set to Red and later downgraded to Orange as the eruption became less active.At 02:32 UTC today (09:32 local time) volcanic ash cloud reached

December 14, 2014

Deadly landslide hits Jemblung village in Central Java, Indonesia

Indonesian officials said at least 18 people were killed and 90 are still missing after a landslide set of by heavy rains buried dozens of houses in Jemblung village, Banjanegara district of Indonesia's Central Java, on Friday, December 12, 2014.National Disaster Mi

December 13, 2014

Heavy floods bring chaos to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Violent storms and heavy rainfall hit Sao Paulo in Brazil on December 10, 2014, causing flooding and traffic chaos as authorities announced a state of alert in some parts of the city.Thunderstorm dumped more than two inches of rain in only a few hours. Streets turned

December 12, 2014

Oceans are laden with 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighning nearly 269 000 tons

After a six-year study of conditions across the globe, team of international researchers came upon shocking results that the world's ocean are laden with a minimum estimate of 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing 268 940 tons. Larger plastic debris around

December 11, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: December 3 - 9, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 6 volcanoes from December 3 - December 9, 2014. Ongoing activity was observed at 14 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Asosan, Kyushu (Japan) | Chirinkotan, Kuril Islands (Russia) | Fogo, Cape Verde | Sinarka, Shiashkotan Island (Russ

December 11, 2014

Extreme close up of the Fogo volcano eruption, status update

Cape Verde's Fogo volcano violently erupted on November 23, 2014, after almost 20 years of sleep. The lava flow already destroyed Portela and Bangaeira villages and is now on its way toward Ferdinand Gomes (Fernão Gomes). This extreme close up footage shows l

December 09, 2014

New eruption of Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica

Another eruption of Costa Rica's Turrialba volcano occurred at 02:24 UTC today (21:24 local time on December 8). Ash fall and strong sulfur smell was reported in areas up to 40 km from the volcano.Gino Gonzalez, volcanologist at the National Seismological Network, s

December 09, 2014

Very strong and shallow M6.6 earthquake off the coast of Panama

A very strong and shallow earthquake measuring M6.6 (USGS) on the Richter scale was registered off the coast of Punta de Burica in the Panama - Costa Rica border region at 08:54 UTC on December 8, 2014. This quake comes 2 days after M6.0 hit the same region.USGS reports

December 08, 2014

Fogo eruption intesifies - lava flow destroys Portela, reaches Bangaeira

Eruption of Fogo volcano intensified on Saturday, December 6, and destroyed almost the whole village of Portela. According to news reports, the lava flow has now reached Bangaeira, a village downslope of Portela.Authorities ordered full evacuation of the area, however,

December 07, 2014

Significant eruptions of Mount Erebus reported, Antarctica

One of the larger eruptions of Antarctica's Mount Erebus this year occurred at 09:12 UTC on December 4, 2014 and ejected bombs onto the summit cone of Erebus, Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory (MEVO) reports.Mount Erebus is one of several volcanoes in the McMurdo Vol

December 07, 2014

Very strong and shallow M6.8 earthquake off the coast of Bougainville Island, P.N.G.

A very strong and shallow earthquake measuring M6.8 on the Richter scale was registered off the coast of Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea at 01:22 UTC on December 7, 2014. Both USGS and EMSC are reporting M6.8 at depth of 10 km (6.2 miles) at this time.Epicenter wa

December 07, 2014

M6.0 earthquake registered off the coast of Saumlaki, Indonesia

A strong earthquake measuring M6.0 on the Richter scale was registered off the coast of Saumlaki, Indonesia at 22:04 UTC on December 6, 2014. USGS is reporting depth of 117.3 km (72.9 miles). Geoscience Australia is also reporting M6.0, but at depth of 107 km.Epicenter

December 06, 2014

Strong and shallow M6.0 registered off the coast of Panama

A strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake was registered off the coast of Punta de Burica in Panama - Costa Rica border region at 17:21 UTC on December 6, 2014. USGS is reporting depth of 14 km (8.7 miles). EMSC registered it as M5.8 at depth 30 km (18 miles).Epicenter was l

December 06, 2014

Dangerous M5.8 and 5.9 aftershocks hit Yunnan province, China

Two dangerous earthquakes measuring M5.8 and M5.9 shook Chinese Yunnan province on December 5 and 6, 2014. The quakes are believed to be strong aftershocks of October 7th M6.6 earthquake that killed one person and injured 324.China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) regi

December 06, 2014

Geophysicists challenge traditional theory underlying the origin of mid-plate volcanoes

Source of volcanoes may be much closer than scientists thought... A long-held assumption about the Earth is discussed in today's edition of Science, as Don L. Anderson, an emeritus professor with the Seismological Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology

December 05, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: November 26 - December 2, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 7 volcanoes from November 26 - December 2, 2014. Ongoing activity was observed at 11 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Asosan, Kyushu (Japan) | Chirinkotan, Kuril Islands (Russia) | Fogo, Cape Verde | Heard, Kerguelen Plateau | Moyo

December 04, 2014

Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world's 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days

The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. The city "has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining

December 03, 2014

Satellites detect abundant sulfur dioxide emissions from erupting Fogo volcano, Cape Verde Islands

Eruption of Fogo volcano in the Cape Verde Islands that started around 11:00 UTC on Sunday, November 23, 2014, has so far destroyed at least 57 houses and more than 260 hectares of land.As of December 3 lava is still erupting from a vent near the base of Pico do Fogo co

December 03, 2014

Morocco hit again by heavy rainfall and deadly floods

New rounds of torrential rains triggered floods that have killed 11 people in Morocco so far. Several thousand homes were damaged or destroyed, roads cut and power networks damaged. At least 250 villages had been cut off. The severe weather has spread to affect parts

December 03, 2014

More mysterious holes discovered under shifting Mount Baldy dune, Indiana

Six new mysterious holes have been discovered in the shifting sands of Mount Baldy since last summer when a big hole swallowed a 6-year old boy who remained buried under 3.3 meters (11 feet) of sediment for several hours until he was rescued. A year after, scientists st

December 02, 2014

Very deep M6.3 earthquake hit Mindanao, Philippines

A very deep earthquake measuring M6.3 (USGS) on the Richter scale hit off the coast of Mindanao, Philippines at 05:11 UTC on December 2, 2013. USGS is reporting depth of 617.9 km (384.0 miles). EMSC is reporting Mw 6.6 and depth of 633 km.Epicenter was located 102 km (6

December 02, 2014

Tool kit for ocean health - Global change and the future ocean

The ocean is under significant impact by anthropogenic global pressures such as ocean acidification, warming, overfishing and pollution, resulting from the impact of human activity on major processes that regulate the functions of the planet, warns the head of The

November 30, 2014

New round of severe weather and flooding for Morocco, Spain, France, Italy and parts of Balkan Peninsula

After delivering flooding rainfall to Portugal and most of the Spain, a strong storm system moves slowly to the east, bringing the threat for flooding rainfall to already saturated parts of the Mediterranean coast. A heavy storm triggered flash floods in south east

November 30, 2014

State of emergency declared in Gaza due to extreme weather and flooding

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, has declared state of emergency in Gaza City, following extreme weather and severe flooding over the past two days. Hundreds of residents in the flooded areas around the Sheikh Radwan storm water lagoon have e

November 28, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: November 19 - 25, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 4 volcanoes from November 19 - 25, 2014. Ongoing activity was observed at 13 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Fogo, Cape Verde | Pavlof, United States | Popocatepetl, Mexico | Sinarka, Shiashkotan Island (Russia)Ongoing activity: Aira,

November 27, 2014

Asosan - the largest volcano in Japan enters new eruptive phase, Kyushu

Asosan, the largest active volcano in Japan and one of the world's largest volcanoes, started its new eruptive phase this week prompting Japanese authorities to cancel or divert flights on Thursday, November 27, 2014. A column of ash and smoke reached about 2 133 me

November 27, 2014

American Southwest suffers persistent drought conditions

Most of the US Southwest region has been suffering from a persistent lack of rain and snow. More than 64 million people are directly affected by drought in the Southwest and Southern Plains, and far more are indirectly affected, mostly in agricultural sector.Drought

November 27, 2014

Europe's cities suffer from harmful air pollution

Almost all European city dwellers are exposed to pollutants at levels deemed unsafe by the World Health Organisation (WHO) - more than 95 % are exposed to unsafe levels of some types. New annual report by European Environment Agency (EEA) reveals as many as nine in ten

November 26, 2014

Very strong M7.0 earthquake hit Halmahera, Indonesia

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 (PTWC) occurred in Halmahera, Indonesia at 14:34 UTC on November 26, 2014. The epicenter was registered 160 km (99 miles) NW of Kota Ternate, 161 km (100 miles) NW of Ternate, 162 km (101 miles) ENE of Bitung and 165 km

November 26, 2014

How carbon pollution spread across the Earth

New video released by scientists at NASA Goddard's Global Modeling and Assimilation Office reveals how the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe in a single year. The results focus on a period between May 2005 and June 2007. At the

November 26, 2014

California's dry, overpopulated situation resembles the collapse of the Assyrian Empire, experts warn

Researchers are pointing to overpopulation and drought - two issues which are very familiar in today's world, especially in California - as the reasons for the collapse of the Assyrian Empire, which used to be a flourishing hub in the 7th century BC. The fall of the

November 25, 2014