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Anomalous seismic activity reported at Semisopochnoi volcano, Alaska

A swarm of earthquakes started at Semisopochnoi volcano on June 9 and escalated on June 12 at approximately 20:00 UTC, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported yesterday.The continuation of this anomalous seismic activity prompted AVO to raise the Aviatio

June 14, 2014

New computer program aims to teach itself everything about anything

In today’s digitally driven world, access to information appears limitless. But when you have something specific in mind that you don’t know, like the name of that niche kitchen tool you saw at a friend’s house, it can be surprisingly hard to sift

June 13, 2014

Tropical Cyclone "Nanauk" intensifies in Arabian Sea

Tropical Cyclone 02A, formed in the Arabian Sea on June 10, 2014, consolidated and strengthened into a tropical storm named "Nanauk" by June 11th. Forecasters at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) expect Nanauk to continue strengthening for another d

June 12, 2014

Millions of fish around the world are mysteriously dying... but why?

Millions upon millions of fish and sea creatures are dying around the world, but it's all very mysterious, as there does not appear to be much explanation for it, logical or otherwise.When more than six tons of fish died recently in Marina del Ray, it made headlines

June 12, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: June 4 - 10, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 5 volcanoes from June 4 - 10, 2014. Ongoing activity was reported for 13 volcanoes.New activity/unrest: Pavlof, United States  | San Miguel, El Salvador  | Sangeang Api, Indonesia  | Santa María, G

June 12, 2014

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: Sun on Trial - EU2014

For nearly 150 years despite the lack of observational evidence, the Sun has been considered to be a ball of gaseous material. Such a postulate rests on mathematical arguments. Nonetheless, observations, not mathematics, properly determine the phases of matter.In this l

June 11, 2014

Hurricane "Cristina" formed off the coast of Mexico

Tropical Storm "Cristina" formed off the coast of Mexico on June 9, 2014, and strengthened into a category 1 hurricane today. Intense rain is anticipated in Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Nayarit. The system is located close to the

June 11, 2014

Third X-class solar flare in last 24 hours - Impulsive X1.0 from AR 2087

It seems like the second peak of solar maximum is here. At 09:06 UTC on June 11, 2014, Active Region 2087 located near the southeastern limb erupted with third major solar flare in last 24 hours. This latest event was impulsive X1.0 flare. It started at 08:59, peaked at

June 11, 2014

Increased solar activity - After two major solar flares an impulsive M3.0 erupts from AR 2087, M1.8 from AR 2080

Solar activity reached high levels yesterday as new Region 2087 (S18E71, Dai/beta-delta) produced an impulsive X2.2 flare peaking at 11:42 UTC and an X1.5 flare at 12:52 UTC. Forecasters estimate 60% chance of M-class, and 30% chance of X-class solar flares in the

June 11, 2014

Second major solar flare of the day - X1.5 from southeastern limb

Two X-class solar flares erupted in just over one hour from Sun's southeastern limb today. The first one peaked at 11:42 UTC as an impulsive X2.2 - you can read more about it here. The second X-class event of the day started a

June 10, 2014

Major solar flare reaching X2.2 erupted from southeastern limb

An impulsive solar flare reaching X2.2 at its peak time erupted on June 10, 2014, generating R3 (Strong) radio blackout. The event started at 11:36, peaked at 11:42 and ended at 11:44 UTC. Source was Active Region 2087 located on the southeastern limb.A large Coron

June 10, 2014

Extreme heatwave causes power and water crisis, northern India

India's heat wave has intensified in last couple of days, particularly in the north, where temperatures reached almost 50 degrees Celsius on Sunday, May 8th. Many northern cities are recording their highest temperatures in years. Emergency meeting is

June 10, 2014

Solar mini-max

NASA and NOAA agree: Solar Max has arrived, but this "mini Max" is not like any other solar maximum of the Space Age.Years ago, in 2008 and 2009 an eerie quiet descended on the sun.  Sunspot counts dropped to historically-low levels and solar flares cease

June 09, 2014

El Hierro volcano helps to improve algorithms used by satellites

Information provided by satellites on the amount of chlorophyll-A and the roughness of the sea following the eruption of the underwater volcano off the island of El Hierro (Spain) did not coincide with the actual data collected in situ by vessels carrying

June 09, 2014

Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on the hurricane season

Researchers have found that instances of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes are usually reduced during an El Niño year. 2014 hurricane season just started and there is a strong potential for El Niño to develop during the next few months.El

June 08, 2014

Geomagnetic storm reaching G2 - Moderate levels in progress

Solar filament eruption on June 4th unleashed a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which partially hit Earth's magnetic field at 16:57 UTC on June 7, 2014. The impact sparked minor geomagnetic storming which increased by the morning of June 8th. Geomagnetic K-index of

June 08, 2014

New research finds evidence of catastrophic collision of the proto-Earth with a Mars-sized body

According to the prevailing hypothesis, a Mars-sized body known as Theia smashed into Earth billions of years ago. Earth survived this giant impact but the fragments from the crash gradually coalesced into the Moon that we see today.When scientists first looked at

June 07, 2014

China bans GMOs from army food supply

The Chinese People's Liberation Army plans to ban the use of genetically modified foods from its supply chain, making the PLA the first military force in modern history to do so.According to multiple reports, the decision comes following the publication last month o

June 07, 2014

Impulsive M1.4 solar flare erupted from Region 2080

Impulsive solar flare measuring M1.4 at its peak time erupted on June 6, 2014 from Active Region 2080. The event started at 19:26, peaked at 19:31 and ended at 19:33 UTC.Active regions 2080 and 2082 both exhibited rapid growth in last 36 hours and are now rotating into

June 06, 2014

Venus now the first planet after Earth to get daily space weather reports

European Space Agency (ESA) announced today they have started issuing regular space weather reports for a spacecraft orbiting planet Venus. This is the first time since the exploration of Solar System has begun that a planet, other than Earth, gets a dedi

June 06, 2014

Ubinas throwing volcanic rocks 2 km away from its crater, Peru

Peru's Ubinas volcano has been showing signs of an impending eruption since the mid-2013, highlighted by the appearance of fresh lava dome in March 2014. IGP's Observatorio Volcanologico de Arequipa (IGP-OVA) reported that during March 29 - April

June 06, 2014

First ‘volcano-like eruption’ reported in Himachal Pradesh, India

A small scale magmatic activity, described as "volcano-like eruption", has occurred this week in Gadiyada village, Kangra district of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, causing panic among the people of the area. Flames and hot liquid steam were seen

June 06, 2014

Watch near-Earth asteroid 2014 HQ124 - "The Beast" fly-by Earth live

A newly discovered near-Earth asteroid "2014 HQ124" now dubbed "The Beast" will make its closest approach to the Earth on June 8, 2014. Just before 06:00 UTC "The Beast" will fly-by our planet at a close but safe distance of 0.008

June 05, 2014

Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS becomes an easy target for mid-sized backyard telescopes

A hyperbolic comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS will make its closest approach to the Sun on August 27, 2014. On that day, it will approach the Sun at the distance of 1.05 AU (157 million km, 98 million miles) and buzz Earth'

June 05, 2014

Huge solar filament collapses - Hyder flare - June 4, 2014

A huge solar filament, located in the southeast quadrant and stretching across more than 500 000 km, collapsed around 14:30 UTC on June 4, 2014 and hit the solar surface causing a "Hyder flare" - a type of solar flare that occurs

June 05, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: May 28 - June 3, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 4 volcanoes from May 28 - June 3, 2014. Ongoing activity was reported for 9 volcanoes.New activity/unrest: Pavlof, United States  | San Miguel, El Salvador | Sangeang Api, Indonesia |&

June 05, 2014

Study finds Earth’s first mass extinction caused by volcanic eruptions

A new research from Curtin University has shown that ancient volcanic eruptions in Australia some 510 million years ago significantly affected the climate, causing the first known mass extinction in the history of complex life.Associate Professo

June 04, 2014

Dying seals and walruses washing up on Pacific coast with crumbly livers and other mysterious symptoms

A federal investigation into the mysterious and ongoing deaths of marine mammals all along the Pacific coast has ended, with investigators still dumbfounded as to the cause of this disturbing phenomenon. Throughout the past several years, seals and walruses have reporte

June 04, 2014

Noctilucent clouds sighted in Germany

For the second time in just a few days, noctilucent clouds (also known as NLCs) have been sighted in Germany, SpaceWeather reports. Although their northern season is just getting underway, researchers aren't sure why these early NLCs seem to favo

June 03, 2014

Impulsive M1.3 solar flare erupted from Region 2077

An impulsive solar flare measuring M1.3 at its peak time erupted on June 3, 2014. The event started at 03:58, peaked at 04:09 and ended at 04:17 UTC.The source was AR 2077 (S09E15, Cso/beta-gamma) which exhibited growth in its intermediate spots just south of the l

June 03, 2014

Watch near-Earth asteroid 2014 KH39 close fly-by today

A 22 meters wide asteroid named "2014 KH39" will make a very close approach with the Earth on June 3, 2014, reaching a minimum distance of less than 440 000 km (1.14 lunar distances, 438 460 miles). The closest approach is expected at 20:07 UTC today.This is a

June 03, 2014

Tropical storm alerts issued for the Pacific Coast of Mexico

A second tropical depression of 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season "Two-E" formed on Monday, June 2, about 360 km (225 miles) south of the Mexican Pacific coast. Tropical Depression Two-E is slowly moving towards the north-northwest, and is f

June 03, 2014

New eruption of Pavlof volcano, ash up to 6.7km - Alaska

The low-level eruption of Pavlof volcano that started on May 31, 2014, has escalated late on June 2. According to Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), the seismic tremor increased starting about 23:00 UTC and pilots have recently reported ash clouds to 6.7 km

June 03, 2014

Astronomers find a new type of planet: the "mega-Earth"

Astronomers announced today that they have discovered a new type of planet - a rocky world weighing 17 times as much as Earth. Theorists believed such a world couldn't form because anything so hefty would grab hydrogen gas as it grew and become a Jupiter-like gas gi

June 02, 2014

Night sky guide for June 2014

Globular clusters M10 and M13 will both be well placed for observation at the beginning of June. The strongest daylight meteor shower - Daytime Arietids - peaks on June 7. Since the radiant will be located only thirty degrees west of the Sun the

June 01, 2014