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New NASA model gives glimpse into the invisible world of electric asteroids

Space may appear empty -- a soundless vacuum, but it's not an absolute void. It flows with electric activity that is not visible to our eyes. NASA is developing plans to send humans to an asteroid, and wants to know more about the electrical environment explorers wi

June 26, 2014

Three new volcanoes discovered in southeast Australia

Geologists have discovered three previously unrecorded volcanoes in volcanically active southeast Australia.The new Monash University research, published in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, gives a detailed picture of an area of volcanic centres already kn

June 26, 2014

New images highlight U.S. air quality improvement

Anyone living in a major U.S. city for the past decade may have noticed a change in the air. The change is apparent in new NASA satellite images unveiled this week that demonstrate the reduction of air pollution across the country.After ten years in orbit, the Ozone

June 26, 2014

Fracking flowback could pollute groundwater with heavy metals

The chemical makeup of wastewater generated by “hydrofracking” could cause the release of tiny particles in soils that often strongly bind heavy metals and pollutants, exacerbating the environmental risks during accidental spills, Cornell University research

June 26, 2014

Active volcanoes in the world: June 18 -24, 2014

New activity/unrest was observed at 8 volcanoes from June 18 - 24, 2014. Ongoing activity was reported for 18 volcanoes.New activity/unrest:  Bezymianny, Central Kamchatka (Russia)  | Kusatsu-Shiranesan, Honshu (Japan)  |&nbs

June 25, 2014

Satellite animation of storms that flooded the Midwestern U.S.

From June 16 through June 23 a series of thunderstorms dropped large amounts of rainfall on the Upper Midwest that caused flooding and spawned tornadoes. Visible and infrared data from NOAA's GOES-East satellite covering that period of time were compiled into an ani

June 25, 2014

Meteo-tsunami hits several cites along Adriatic coast, Croatia

A meteorological tsunami or meteo-tsunami event was observed today in several Croatian cities along the Adriatic coast. In some places sea levels rose up to 2 meters.According to Darko Dragojević, a member of independent Croatian meteorological

June 25, 2014

How to eliminate the major tornado threat in Tornado Alley

The annually recurring devastating tornado attacks in US Tornado Alley raise an important question: Can we eliminate the major tornado threat in Tornado Alley? Some people may claim that such a question is beyond imagination as people are powerless in facing violent tor

June 24, 2014

DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms

The idea that DNA from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is broken down in the digestive tract and rendered innocuous, a common industry claim, is patently false. A recent study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE found that large, meal-derived DN

June 24, 2014

Nearly 4,600 now affected by untreatable virus spreading through Caribbean

Many people have heard of malaria and may even know about Dengue fever, two health-ravaging, mosquito-borne diseases. Malaria brings fever, chills and flu-like symptoms, and Dengue fever elicits fever, headache, pain and skin rash.What few people have heard of is the&nb

June 24, 2014

Massive M7.9 earthquake struck Aleutian Islands, Alaska - tsunami warnings issued

A massive M7.9 earthquake (downgraded from M8.0) struck Aleutian Islands, Alaska on June 23, 2014, at 20:53 UTC. USGS is reporting depth of 107.5 km (66.8 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.9 at depth of 100 km.Epicenter was located 24 km (15 miles) S

June 23, 2014

Three very strong and shallow earthquakes struck off Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

A very strong earthquake registered as M6.9 (downgraded from M7.2) on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Kermadec Islands on June 23, 2014, at 19:19 UTC. A second strong quake, measuring M6.3 was registered at 19:21 UTC. A third one, measuring

June 23, 2014

Food prices are rising in America; researchers predict food shortages followed by mass riots

The social contract of peace and compliance only exists in any country so long as society is civil enough to permit it, government policies notwithstanding. So it is with some apprehension that sociologists and demographers are watching vulnerable populations in the Uni

June 23, 2014

Mysterious 'Magic Island' appears on Saturn moon

Astronomers have discovered a bright, mysterious geologic object – where one never existed – on Cassini mission radar images of Ligeia Mare, the second-largest sea on Saturn's moon Titan. Scientifically speaking, this spot is considered a "transient

June 23, 2014

Study finds association between maternal exposure to agricultural pesticides

Pregnant women who lived in close proximity to fields and farms where chemical pesticides were applied experienced a two-thirds increased risk of having a child with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental delay, a study by researchers with the UC Davis MIND Ins

June 23, 2014

Dr. Bill Mullen: Hieroglyphics and the ancient sky - EU2014

Many catastrophist theories use hieroglyphics from around the world for clues about shapes in the ancient sky that are no longer visible. Dr. Bill Mullen's talk focused on Egyptian hieroglyphics as relevant to the Saturn and polar configuration theory. By studying t

June 22, 2014

Piton de la Fournaise erupts after four years of quiescence, Reunion

Piton de la Fournaise volcano located in Reunion, Indian Ocean, erupted late June 20, 2014 after almost 4 years of sleep. The eruption occurred at 21:35 UTC (01:35 local time on June 21, 2014) from the southeastern side of its main summit crater.The eruption had 10 days

June 21, 2014